Omaha Memories (en)

From May 27th to June 16th, experience the emotions at the Normandy Victory Museum, with a unique virtual reality experience in the world.

What your experience will be like

In this first stage of “Souls Travelers”, you are about to embark on an immersive experience that is both cultural, narrative, and sensory, unlike any other. Dive into the heart of history with this first chapter dedicated to the Normandy Landing, where you will be transported into four emblematic scenes of the past. Interact with your environment and discover history in a truly extraordinary way.

This experience is a vibrant tribute to the memory of our ancestors and to all those who bravely defended freedom. In this spirit, it has been designed to be accessible to a wide audience, starting from the age of 10, as well as to people with reduced mobility. An option for immersive seated walking has been integrated, allowing everyone to fully participate in this memorable experience.